(Good Things Utah) Life is precious, and every memory we make will ultimately shape who we are. It’s also important to remember that our wellness can greatly affect that quality of life, for better or worse. doTERRA is a trusted national brand that prioritizes natural health and works to optimize our overall wellness. As part of their year-long celebration for International Women’s Day, doTERRA launched a campaign highlighting amazing women from around the world and sharing their inspiring stories.

This month, doTERRA is highlighting a woman named Erin Baskin. In her life, Erin has been a veteran, a mom, and an entrepreneur. With a goal to pursue her interests in fitness and health, she’s now working as a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA.

“A Wellness Advocate is somebody who is very interested in natural wellness options,” says Baskin. “doTERRA encourages their customers to explore, expand, and network with other people so that we can help.”

In addition to her wellness goals, Erin recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with a dedicated group from her time with the ‘Waterboys’ program by Chris Long– an organization of good Samaritans that work to build wells and bring clean, accessible water to thousands of people around Africa. Through her journey, Erin has grown a strong appreciation for staying present in the moment.

“…it’s important to disconnect. It’s important to step away from our everyday lives and, if you get the opportunity, to go and explore something that scares you or seems really unfamiliar.”

With this drastic change in her perspective, Erin found it difficult to re-acquaint herself when returning home but learned some very valuable lessons. She adds: “I have to be honest — it was really hard to come back and see how much our everyday lives feel so overwhelming… it’s okay to be in the now… you don’t have to worry about all of the things, all of the time.”

To read stories about more amazing women, go to doTERRA.com/evolvetogether or you can visit them at doTERRA.com to browse their entire collection of wellness products.

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