(Good Things Utah) Providing Utah with the cleanest and healthiest drinking water, Water Wellness Center is making a considerable change in the Salt Lake City community.

Using their 7-stage purification process, they rid water of any impurities. Once this is complete, they add in all 72 trace minerals, and electrolytes, and raise the pH to make it as healthy for our bodies as possible.

“Everyone that starts drinking the good water — their health will improve,” says Ramon Flores with Water Wellness Center. “Good health is our natural state of being. When you’re feeling a little ill is when you’re not fully hydrated.”

Water Wellness Center offers customers in-home systems as well as from their retail location in Millcreek. Their store carries water dispensers, water bottles, hand-made gifts, locally-made jewelry, and more. They also offer customers organic, vegan, non-GMO supplements, vitamins, drinks, and snacks.,

For more information, go to WaterWellnessCenter.com or follow them on social media at @SLCWaterWellness.

Mention ‘Good Things Utah’ for 10 FREE gallons of water for any new or existing customers!


3673 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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