(Good Things Utah) The Easter holiday is coming up fast and, as we reshuffle our wardrobes, there are plenty of spring trends to choose from this year. While the options are plentiful, there is just one must-have for every new wardrobe this season: the classic spring dress.

As the weather warms and we find ourselves getting out more, spring dresses can be a wonderful choice to easily fit any occasion. When it comes to style, quality, and fit, the go-to place for dresses in Salt Lake City is Downeast. Using only natural fabrics, their in-house design team works year-round to keep up on the latest fashions. Eye-catching colors and textures make their dresses stand out from everyone else in the market.

What are some of this year’s most popular dress trends? Alicia from Downeast joined Good Things Utah to show off some of their amazing new outfits and how versatile the options can be. Some of this year’s popular dress trends include off-the-shoulder, knit materials, bright colors, and gingham prints.

To browse dresses and much more, visit Downeast at City Creek Mall downtown, or check them out online at DowneastBasics.com.

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