Lance Black from Gabb Wireless joined Good Things Utah to talk about their revolutionary product. Gabb Wireless is the safest mobile phone network for kids. Their goal is to provide a simple, safe, and age-appropriate first phone that connects families protects kids and encourages life outside the screen.

The easy-to-use phone lets your kid access everything they absolutely need and cuts out the rest. Gabb Wireless can help protect your kid from screen addiction, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, sexual predators, and more. The benefits of the network don’t stop there. Gabb Wireless plans include coverage on a nationwide 4G LTE network. Under the Gabb plan users receive unlimited talk and text* service on a great flexible monthly plan to fit the needs of your child.

Why pay for expensive data that your kid doesn’t need? Gabb Phones help protect them so they can be kids and live life outside the screen! In fact, Gabb kids spend 80% less time on screens and help revent them from wasting their time being distracted by useless content. Gabb phones have everything a kid needs. So, kids can be kids.

To find out more visit Gabb Wireless now.

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