The Advocates wanted to shine the spotlight on someone who experienced child sexual and physical abuse and bounced back to make a difference in her community.

Desirae Garcia tells the story of her life in the podcast, “Candle In A Dark Room” about how she survived trauma and how she lives in recovery today. Desirae also interviews other survivors and lets them share their experiences and give advice. Survivors of all sexual violence, mental health, eating disorders, sex trafficking, and any other trauma. The podcast talks about all of the “off-limit” subjects that society has taught us to sweep under the rug. You won’t finish an episode feeling sad, but you will finish the episodes with hope & encouragement. “Candle In A Dark Room” helps survivors take their power back!

Candle In A Dark Room is not only a podcast, but they are also a nonprofit organization that helps survivors of physical and sexual trauma, as well as mental health that stems from trauma. They can help guide you through the healing journey so you never feel alone. Their goal is to show survivors that regardless of their situation and the trauma they have experienced, they can still find the light, and be a light. 

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