(Good Things Utah) Bringing awareness and raising funds for those living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers, The Longest Day fundraiser — happening on June 21st as it’s the longest day of the year — will be an important way to further the cause. Hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association, this fundraiser offers individuals around the world a chance to help fight the darkness whether they’re participating at home, online, or in person.

Together, on June 21st there will be thousands of participants from across the world using their creativity and passions to spread awareness, while also raising funds for care, support, and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. There are a variety of fun and engaging ways to join the world during this year’s event.

Don’t miss your chance to make a difference on June 21st!

For more information on The Longest Day and ways to start a fundraiser with the Alzheimer’s Association, click the link here.

The Longest Day: Ways To Join


If you are located near a national park, river or lake, mountain, or scenic trail, organize a group outing. Map out your hike using materials from your local venue. Request a donation per mile hiked, and/or provide a guide, water, and snacks for participants and create an entry fee/donation per participant.


Ask your gym to schedule a special indoor cycling class. Participants can track their mileage and request a donation per mile cycled, or set an entry fee/donation for others to ride with them.


Organize a road ride, trail ride, or tour, and invite others to join you. Participants can track their mileage and request a donation per mile cycled, or set an entry fee/donation for others to ride with them.


Whether you race in a lap pool or spend a day at the beach, you can raise dollars by challenging your family and friends to beat the best time or completing the most laps — whatever you choose! Create multiple lanes so that all age groups can participate.


There are many different ways to fundraise by running. Challenge long-distance runners to a full marathon, or plan shorter races to increase turnout, such as a 10k or 5k. Set up a relay race for younger participants so that all age groups can participate. Set an entry fee/donation or donate by lap or half-mile.


Rain or shine, a day of bowling is a fun way for all ages to participate in The Longest Day. Secure a bowling venue and set an entry fee/donation for each game played. You can also host a Bowl-a-Thon and request a donation for each pin knocked down.


Golf allows both novices and experienced players a chance to raise funds. Golf games are exciting for all ages, and a tournament is ideal for competitive golfers. Mini-golf and driving ranges are also excellent options. Contact a local course and explain your needs, the number of participants, and when you would like to hold your event. Charge a donation or fundraising minimum for entry, and brainstorm creative contests for extra fundraising.


Table Tennis is a popular sport for all ages! Organizing a tournament will depend on the number of participants. Set up your teams and brackets in advance. You will require a game table/s, paddles, and balls. Set an entry fee/donation for each game played, or ask for a donation for every point or game won.


Organize a video game tournament, or play at home and livestream it! Ask for donations or challenge players to fundraise within their own networks. Choose a multiplayer game so that lots of people can participate together.


Whether you prefer to cook or to bake, you can bring out the famous family recipes on The Longest Day. Make grandma’s cookies for the family or office — in exchange for a donation — or host a potluck dinner. Meet up with your dishes or get together to cook and share secret recipes, and celebrate the day together.


If you have a green thumb, plan a day of planting. Gather fellow gardeners in your own outdoor space, or arrange a day at a local farm or community garden. Set a fundraising minimum or donation for each participant.

(With many more fun ways to join!)

*Tips courtesy: Alzheimer’s Association

For more information and to start a fundraiser with the Alzheimer’s Association, click the link here.

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