Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Good stories that we can look forward to seeing every week, that’s what Jessop’s Journal is all about. We met with creator and host, Doug Jessop, to talk more on this Sunday’s episode.

In addition to Jessop’s Journal which is a TV show that Doug has that comes on Sunday’s. He has also been working on Jessop’s Journeys which is people, places, and things that you might not know about. Next week, Doug will be joining the At Your Leisure Discovery Team. He will be presenting his personal journeys filled with trivia and treasure from around the world.

Doug went to the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart, Germany and something that people might not know is that a woman is basically the reason we drive cars! Doug explains, “Carl Benz with Mercedes-Benz, his wife’s name was Bertha Benz. They invented a car and patented it. It was the first car patented with a gasoline engine. But people weren’t quite into it yet. Bertha decides to grab their two teenage sons, drive it 180 kilometers to her folks house and back. And her husband Carl had no idea! A joy ride turned into the first long distance car ride.” Thank you Bertha!

We wanted to know more so we asked about Cheyenne, an Autism Acceptance Advocate and Doug said, “I have to admit this is a passion project of mine. There’s something called Neurodiversity and what that means is that your brain works a little differently. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just different. Specifically, what I am talking about is Autism. We all have heard of Autism awareness, but Cheyenne brought up Autism acceptance.”

Cheyenne said, “You can pass by people on the street and be aware. Like, I’m aware you exist, but am I truly accepting of that person? Do I truly know that person? Accepting is truly knowing yourself and not caring that you have Autism.”

We all have someone in our life that struggles with Autism acceptance and awareness. Cheyenne Stevens wants to come to your childs school to spread awareness and acceptance of Autism. If this is something you’re interested in, email with your contact information. Once you have emailed Doug, he will then forward it on to Cheyenne and her family.

Catch Jessop’s Journal this Sunday at 10 am.

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