SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Are you ready to make a lifestyle change? Build muscle? Lose fat? Unfinished Lifestyle wants to help you with those goals.

Unfinished Lifestyle offers one on one training and nutrition plans catered specifically for your body type & lifestyle. They also offer services online. The company’s nutrition plans are customized and unique to each client depending on what they typically do in a day and their activity level.

The Unfinished Lifestyle team understands that not everyone wants to eat plain chicken and rice meals. They offer different options and can work with you on your favorite meals. They say it is important for you to enjoy this process and make a sustainable lifestyle change.

​This is not a diet program, this is a lifestyle change. Unfinished Lifestyle wants to help clients achieve their goals and learn how to maintain them even after they are finished with the program.

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