SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Do you know the difference between typical adolescent behavior vs. behavior of concern? Jessica Holzbauer, a licensened clinical social worker with University of Utah Health translates teenage behavior for us.

Typical: moodiness vs. Concern: long-lasting moods, suicide ideation, self-harm

Typical: Increased self-consciousness vs. Concern: obsessive hygiene, social withdrawal, perfectionism

Typical: Stressful transition to junior high or high school vs. Concern: refusing to go to school, decline in grades

Typical: Increased argumentativeness vs. Concern: Getting in trouble at school, disregard for other’s social norms

Typical: Increased desire for privacy vs. Concern: isolation, routine lying, hiding things

When should parents intervene? When the concerning behavior is getting in the way of a child going to school, having friends, taking care of their hygiene, attending sports practice, etc…

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