(Good Things Utah) One of the state’s longest-operating hospitals – LDS Hospital – has been recognized for medical excellence in two new prestigious healthcare quality rating services for 2022.

LDS Hospital, which opened in Salt Lake City in 1905, has been named one of the nation’s top 25 teaching hospitals by Fortune Magazine and Merative as part of their 2022 Top Hospitals rankings. LDS Hospital was also named the top orthopedic hospital in the state of Utah for 2022 by US News & World Report in its list of the 50 best orthopedic hospitals in the United States.

“We’re honored to be recognized by these organizations for the high quality of care that we provide to our patients and a commitment to medical excellence. This recognition is a wonderful reflection of the dedication and commitment of our incredible team of caregivers at LDS Hospital and the work they do every day to provide the very best care for our patients,” said Heather Wall, administrator of Intermountain LDS Hospital.

A teaching hospital, or academic medical center, is a hospital that partners with medical and nursing schools, education programs, and research centers to improve health care through learning and research.

By being at the forefront of medical education and research innovations, teaching hospitals help improve the quality of care, develop state-of-the-art technologies, and train the next physicians and surgeons. 

As a teaching hospital, Intermountain LDS Hospital incorporates medical residents and research collaborators from across the United States to the hospital.

For the past six years, LDS Hospital has been listed on the Forbes/IBM Watson Top Teaching Hospitals list. The hospital has five stars in the areas of clinical outcomes, operation efficiency, and patient experience. LDS Hospital was ranked 19th among the 2,675 care facilities across the nation.

Intermountain LDS Hospital is a full-service hospital with a complete range of wellness, diagnostic, and treatment services for the community. For more than 115 years, LDS Hospital has provided high-quality patient care, technological progress, exceptional efficiency, and personal service to its patients.

For more information, go online to IntermountainHealthcare.org.

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