(Good Things Utah) – Intermountain Healthcare has worked this year to assist vital community partners who work to assist and address homelessness. Addressing homelessness and housing instability is one of the major social determinants of health.

These are non-medical factors that can affect the health of vulnerable populations in Utah, according to Jennifer Leary, community health director for Intermountain Healthcare.

It’s for those reasons that Intermountain has donated $900,000 ($300,000 per year for three years) to Shelter the Homeless for assistance to help with homelessness in Utah.

An estimated 8,000 adults in Salt Lake County are currently experiencing homelessness.

Three Salt Lake County homeless resource centers utilize a “scattered site” model whereby several nonprofit partners coordinate efforts to provide “wrap-around” programming to homeless individuals in smaller shelter facilities, which will provide emergency shelter for a projected 5,000 individuals over the course of the year.

In total, the resource centers have a nightly capacity of 700 beds.

Shelter The Homeless, a nonprofit community group, who owns the homeless resource centers is responsible for the operational costs, these costs are associated with the facilities, security, meals, transportation, and much more.

Community partners, like Intermountain Healthcare, also assist with coordinating the delivery of homeless services within the facilities provided by community partners.

Community partners include warm meals from the Catholic Community Services, transportation from Advantage Services, and security help from Premier Security Utah.

Catholic Community Services, prepares and delivers daily hot lunches and dinners to all three homeless resource centers, which averages 35,400 meals per month.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen and skills training facility help with the food delivery and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints donates food and ingredients, which help to keep food costs minimal.

Go to Intermountain Healthcare or Shelter The Homeless to learn more.

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