Gatehouse No.1 is all about the unique finishing touches that turn a house into a home. They’ve just completed furnishing a gorgeous one just in time for the Park City Area Showcase of Homes. Deena went to take a sneak peek and learn about the inspiration behind the mountain mansion. The designers from Gatehouse No.1 have been working on their master design since the start of the year and you definitely can tell. The home is absolutely breathtaking.

The many luxurious homes range from traditional mountain homes that use rustic logs, reclaimed wood and rock, to contemporary homes that incorporate exposed steel beams, large windows all with clean architectural lines. Their amenities include gourmet kitchens, spa-like master baths, idyllic landscapes, and theater-quality home entertainment systems showcasing the latest technologies. Every home, however, achieves a balanced harmony with its natural surroundings.

Gatehouse No.1 added a touch of extra class to their home by utilizing the big open spaces, directing attention to the outstanding views, and giving each room a purpose and unique style. No detail has been overlooked – no inspiration has been spared. The home has been painstakingly designed to preserve the tranquility necessary to exist in harmony with nature.

Visit Gatehouse No.1 to find out more about their services. If you want to buy tickets or to learn more about the showcase of homes, visit Park City Area Showcase of Homes now.

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