(Good Things Utah) Originally invented during the 1930s in Southern Philadelphia, the cheesesteak has since become a preferred sandwich for meat lovers around the world. Commonly called a ‘Philly cheesesteak’ because of its upbringing, the cheesesteak was created when a hot dog vendor named Pat Olivieri decided to add rib-eye steak, provolone cheese, and cooked onions to his homemade sandwich. Once his creation had garnered attention from locals, the rest was history.

A cheesesteak sandwich itself is made from thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak, along with melted cheese, and choice toppings on a long hoagie bun. Foodies recognize it as a relatively simple and savory sandwich, with a world of possibilities.

For those in ‘the West’ looking to experience the signature flavors for themselves, residents need to look no further than DP Cheesesteaks. Spread throughout Utah with locations in Salt Lake City, St. George, Provo, South Jordan, and Lehi — DP Cheesesteaks has quickly become a go-to local shop for some of the most delicious and authentic ‘Philly’ cheesesteaks anywhere in the state.

Frequent visitors love coming back for signature cheesesteak options like the Whiz Steak, Mushroom Pepper Steak, and the Philly Bleu. They use only the freshest ingredients like their Wagyu beef sliced in-house every day, a selection of melty cheeses, and artisan bread made by local bakers.

“One of the big differences that set us apart is we give you super high-quality steak,” according to Nick Rhodes, owner of DP Cheesesteaks. “…we slice it fresh in the stores every morning. All the veggies are fresh, we slice and prep those. The other huge thing is our bread — bread is huge when it comes to cheesesteaks. We’ve been using the same local baker for 14 years now, so the bread is always consistent — they do a great job with it.”

Katy Sine with Taste Utah visited their St. George location this week to learn all about their history and the secret behind these amazing cheesesteaks. To browse their menu and find a location nearest you, go to dpcheesesteaks.com.

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