(Good Things Utah) When a vehicle accident occurs on the road, many aren’t aware of how their bodies are responding to that trauma and often disregard it. Any motor vehicle crash is serious — 50% of occupants are never the same again after a crash because many think they will “heal on their own” and don’t seek out chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage. In addition, a great number of patients get lost in the system with the wrong health care providers.

There are a whole host of injuries that can be attributed to a car accident, but one of the most common and dangerous is whiplash — the term referring to the sudden intense force to the neck.

There are car crash specialist physicians available in Utah with advanced training in MVC injury rehab. One of the leading specialists in the state is South Jordan Chiropractic. They practice evidence-based chiropractic care, making full use of their experience in chiropractic manipulation, soft-tissue techniques, and therapeutic rehabilitation. Their physicians trained in the Whiplash Group (MDs, Chiros, PTs, etc) are skilled in the proper diagnosis, treatment, and co-care, for maximum injury recovery. A few more of the services South Jordan Chiropractic offers include:

  • Activator Method
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Pressurized Oxygen Therapy
  • Weight Loss Programs

More people are injured in low-speed collisions than in high-speed collisions, and whiplash can occur when a vehicle is going as low as 3 mph. Though there are more fatalities at high-speed. The three most common causes of high-speed collisions are Drowsy Driving, Distracted Driving, and when vehicles block the passing lane.

NOTE: It is not the job of the lawbreaking driver to “slow traffic” it is the UHP’s job to stop speeders.  Speeding, though illegal and not recommended, is far safer than altering traffic flow for countless other drivers. Thus, the “100 deadliest days in Utah.”

Unfortunately, not all accidents are easily avoidable — often leaving those involved with minor to severe injury. South Jordan Chiropractic helps provide relief to injured individuals around the state and beyond. Their key focus on their patients’ health and well-being is what they’re most known for, allowing those with injuries to continue their active lifestyles as pain-free as possible.

To learn more about how South Jordan Chiropractic can help after an accident and to schedule an appointment, go to SoJoChiro.com or call them at (801) 446-5100.

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