(Good Things Utah) Headquartered in Utah County, a product development design company aptly named DEVOS Outdoor (aka Developing Outdoor Solutions) is changing the way people view the great outdoors. Of the challenges that DEVOS works to solve, outdoor safety at nighttime has been a top priority. As part of this mission, DEVOS has now developed a new outdoor lighting solution called The LightRanger.

The LightRanger is an ultra-portable, versatile lighting product designed to improve outdoor visibility at night. With the ability to telescope up to 9 feet high, this product is meant to provide an elevated light source — effectively illuminating a much larger area, getting better visibility, and helping keep any pesky bugs away. This powerful lantern puts out as much as 1200 lumens, giving outdoor users a safe “daylight” experience” wherever they go — lighting up nearly 10 feet of area and holding a charge for 4 to 16 hours.

Since its launching, their famous new product called The LightRanger has received up to 150 glowing 5-star reviews, with users finding it the perfect solution while camping, traveling in an RV, or in an Overlanding community. This product has a rechargeable lithium battery integrated inside, making it simple and easy to purchase.

Now available for Good Things Utah viewers this week, purchase a single LightRanger for $139 or a two-pack for $249

For more information, go to www.devosoutdoor.com.

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