Synergy Science has a device for whatever works best for your home or lifestyle. Do you want something that goes on top your counter or below it? Do you want it to come out a faucet? Do you already have filtration?

Synergy Science products are designed to give up to triple the normal amount of therapeutic hydrogen to the body. More hydrogen in your water means better health. Their water has stood the strenuous tests of science, and proven again and again its overwhelming ability to enhance someone’s health.


If you’re looking for a natural way to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, increase energy, and improve mental clarity, try our Echo H2 Machine™! Install the machine on your countertop or under the counter for Antioxidant Water™ at the flip of a faucet.


Add the health benefits of Antioxidant Water™ to your existing home filtration or reverse osmosis system. The Echo H2 Server™ sends water straight to your Echo H2 Server Faucet™ and makes it possible to run chilled Antioxidant Water™ from your fridge. It’s discreet, small, and requires little maintenance, so you’ll barely notice it’s there!


If you’re looking for a low-maintenance Echo Antioxidant Water™ Machine that requires no installation, the Echo H2 Pitcher™ is the perfect device for you. Fill it with water, and in as little as 10 minutes, you’ll have healthy Antioxidant Water™.


Say hello to the Echo Go™: the same world-leader Antioxidant Water™ technology, now in a more portable option. Drinking Antioxidant Water™ has never been easier.

To explore even more hydrogen machines and bottles visit Synergy Science Hydrogen Machines.

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