(Good Things Utah) Swig is running its third annual SAVE THE CUPS campaign. It raised $300,000 the first two years, and it has a goal of raising another $150,000 this year. STC has already raised over $60,000 (this number will increase by the time Nicole’s appearance happens next week).

The Save The Cups campaign is near and dear to the heart of Swig founder Nicole Tanner. Before she founded the iconic dirty soda company, she battled breast cancer and was saved by a mammogram and early detection. Additionally, she had her medical bills covered by generous donors, which inspired her to pay it forward and start this campaign.

The raised funds pay for the medical bills of breast cancer patients. They apply through SaveTheCups.org, and then Nicole selects the women who will receive the funds.

The goal of the campaign is to raise money for breast cancer patients (so they can help as many women as possible!) AND to raise awareness for the disease!

When detected early, breast cancer has a 99 percent survival rate. (Source: American Cancer Society.)

Every two minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. One in 8 women will be diagnosed with this disease. Breast cancer affects us all!

Utah has one of the WORST mammography screening rates in the nation at only 52.2 percent (the national average is 66.9 percent). This is such a needed conversation in our home state.

Insurance will cover one free mammogram a year for every woman 40 and older. Let’s encourage the women in our lives to get their mammograms! 

And on that same note, let’s share our stories! Women need to share these stories so we can inspire and help one another. Early detection will save lives!

To learn more, go online to SaveTheCups.org.

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