How you can walk away debt free from Dixie Technical College

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Kelle Stephens, President of Dixie Technical College, shared what makes this college such a unique, affordable experience, how students are thrilled with their new campus, and what makes a technical college so much different from what it was 20 or 30 years ago. 

Dixie Tech’s beautiful new campus is located on Tech Ridge and it has legitimized technical education in Washington County, according to Stephens. She emphasized that this institution is in fact a college that will lead students into a great career or lead them to further education at a more traditional institution. Additionally, it prepares students with skills all at an affordable price. 

In fact, Dixie Tech asks its graduating class at graduation if anyone is leaving the institution with debt, and in seven years, only two students have stood up! This institution typically provides a debt-free experience–every parent’s dream for their child! 

Additionally, Dixie Tech asks its graduating class to stand if they feel prepared for their career and about 90% stand up each year. Students can really do whatever their heart desires by starting at Dixie Tech. Whether it’s in the field of digital media design, culinary art, drafting, IT, becoming an auto technician, welding, painting/repairing cars, students can learn these skills at Dixie Tech and move forward with their career aspirations. 

While the institution targets both high school graduates and adults, 82% of the student body are adult–typically, adults that want to re-tool or try something else in their career. 

If you want to know more about the institution and its beautiful new campus, go to

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