(Good Things Utah) Though not as prevalent in the media during recent weeks, the war in Ukraine is still being fought with more civilians at risk than ever. And as Ukrainian soldiers are slowly beginning to retake enemy-occupied territory in the region, the local cities are still heavily shelled with innocent lives at stake daily.

While good Samaritans from around the world have stepped up to help quell the chaos, there is still much needed to ensure the health and safety of those caught in the middle.

One of the most dedicated non-profit organizations helping the cause, the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation, has kept close to the action as part of its charitable efforts.

With funds from generous donors and working hand-in-hand with partners on the ground, the foundation has made an immense difference in the crisis by providing Ukrainian civilians with everything they need from food and hygiene supplies to extraction from these dangerous areas. Thus far, they’ve participated in the evacuation of over 600 individuals on the front lines.

Anyone who gets involved and/or donates to the cause will receive real-time updates during the execution of the operation. All donations go completely towards delivering vital aid to Ukraine.

To learn more and donate, go online to KrohnBreakthrough.org.

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