Childhood anxiety, depression, and stress have all worsened during the pandemic. If left untreated and unnoticed it can impact both their physical and emotional health long-term. All children and young people feel worried sometimes, but this year has been very different. At certain points, young people may become more worried and sad or feel overwhelmed with their circumstances. This is where things can go downhill quickly.

It can become a problem when young people feel stuck in it, or when it feels like an overwhelming, distressing, or unmanageable experience none one can seem to escape. If this kind of worrying goes on for a long time, it can leave a young person feeling exhausted and isolated, and limit the things they feel able to do. However, there are plenty of things children can do to help manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression and live a healthier life.

With Monarch Family Counseling, they don’t want to simply eliminate anxiety, but to help a child manage it more effectively. This way, they learn to overcome depression, anxiety, and stress in one and have a toolbox to help them manage it into adulthood. Monarch Family Counseling recognizes that reaching out for help and support is the first courageous step towards making positive changes and improving quality of life. Don’t ignore signs of withdrawal, acting out, or extreme sensitivity in children.

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