(Good Things Utah) As the ongoing supply chain issues continue, many looking to buy a new car have quickly realized how difficult a task that can be given our current market. The new — hopefully temporary — “car buying experience” that we’ve come to know is now a careful game of research and patience.

“I think we’re going to be in this climate for about another year,” says Scott Harding with Utah Honda Dealers. “As it’s happened, we’ve kind of figured out our ‘new normal’ and there are some contributors in our industry, and in the world, that is ‘driving this ship’ of where the car industry is going.”

Some of the changes both car dealers and customers are seeing:

  • Takes longer for dealerships to receive vehicle orders
  • Overall decrease in vehicle availability
  • Prices are higher than normal
  • Customers benefit to order well ahead of time

In the state of Utah, one of the names still finding success with customers is Utah Honda Dealers.

Offering some of the best-performing vehicles in the market with great customer satisfaction, Utah Honda Dealers have something for everyone’s taste — now mostly online. Customers are encouraged to build and customize their ‘dream vehicle’ from the ground up on their website, giving them lots of choices and getting them their cars sooner.

To find a trusted Honda dealer near you, go online to UtahHondaDealers.com.

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