(Good Things Utah) – Those soft ultra cush blankets are recognized as the ultimate way to feel snug and warm when the weather cools down, and Blankets By Brian (BBB) offers irresistibly soft, hand-sewn, minky blankets in multiple sizes, styles, and fabrics that the whole family will love.

But when a blanket feels this luxurious, you may wonder if throwing it in the wash will ruin its heavenly touch. After all, many of today’s products are full of harmful dyes and additives that can wear out fabrics over time. Thankfully Brian from BBB joined Good Things Utah to walk us through the exact care instructions for their must-have blankets.

General instruction for washing your favorite blanket

  • Make sure you use soaps without additives; “sensitive skin” and “free of…” are the best.
  • Never use fabric softeners, smells, or “super cleaning power” soaps.
  • Never dry them faster with heat. Only use cold or warm water. Air dry your blankets only. Artificial fibers don’t need hot water to deep clean. Artificial fibers do not have a porous surface like cotton fibers do, so stains and odors have nowhere to cling to.

Wash Cycle Do’s

  • 1 oz. of soap. (or less)
  • Baking soda. 1/4 cup or less
  • Vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide. (one or the other, not both.)

Drying Cycle Do’s:

  • Tumble Dry in the dryer for 30 minutes WITHOUT HEAT.  I love how this fluffs the blanket.
  • Don’t dry to completion to avoid excessive static cling.
  • Layout or Hang to finish drying.
  • If you dry Minky to 100% dry in the dryer your item will build up static cling.
  • Use “WOOL BALLS” instead of Dryer Sheets. Wool Balls last for over 1000 cycles (5 x longer than a box of dryer sheets). Plus you can use 4-5 drops of clear essential oils if you want a scent.
  • ALL Dryer sheets have Fabric softeners in them! Fabric Softeners will ruin your Minky Fabric.

Okay, so you now know how to care for a luxurious blanket. You might be eager to add to your blanket collection or give one to someone else for Christmas. If washed correctly, minky blankets will always be ultra-cozy, even years after the day you bought them – The perfect holiday gift.

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