How to thoughtfully curate the spaces in your home

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(GTU) – You obviously want your home to be a space that you truly love.

The concept of curating the home space has very well-meaning roots, as a well-curated home is intended to mean one that is thoughtfully designed and free of unnecessary clutter. So how do you curate your spaces in a way that doesn’t feel cluttered and instead feels inviting and inspiring?

It is about how you feel when you walk through the doors and being in love with your space. Here are three tips from Gatehouse No.1:

Bring in color

  • Add color by starting with smaller pieces like accessories, pillows, artwork, rugs, or accent ottomans.

Feature your favorites

  • Gatehouse has a curated collection of accessories that look and feel collected
  • Group items in trays to contain and show your favorite items.
  • Use glass boxes to contain and show off objects you’ve found

Curate your own collection

At Gatehouse No.1 “It’s all in the details” and their GH design team can help you determine your style and guide you in purchasing the right pieces. Gatehouse wants you to achieve the look you want that reflects your personality & lifestyle. 

  • Embrace a collected eclectic look by mixing old with new, and adding in pieces that make you happy, remind you of favorite things, people, travels.
  • Photo frames filled with people and places you love, travel books and accessories with a traveled/global essence, and items from nature outdoors, and introduce colors that invoke places like ocean, the sea, the mountains, sunshine, coastal, desert- whatever makes you smile. 

Visit the Gatehouse showroom to be inspired. You’ll find beautiful accessories styled throughout and get a chance to work with designers to create and curate your own collection to show off!

Go to Gatehouse No.1 now to learn more.

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