How to safely sanitize your home or business without chemical sprays or wipes

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Julie Verrinder, Owner of Sargent Steam joined Good Things Utah to you how to sanitize your home or business with steam rather than with harsh toxic chemicals. They have proof that it works from the Microbiology Department at BYU showing Sargent Steam kills germs on contact within 2 seconds. The CDC’s webpage lists steam as the #1 method for sanitizing solid surfaces.

It’s not just how effective it is at cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, but also how fast it works. Steam kills germs and bacteria on contact in 2 seconds, there is no need for endless scrubbing, and you can even clean the blinds without taking them off the windows! Steaming can also be great for dislodging grease and stains. If you have ever seen the weak little steamers featured on shopping channels, you will be surprised at the power output of this premium machine.

The Sargent Steam Cleaner eliminates the need for all consumable cleaning chemicals too. You will save thousands. The average person currently spends tons on all those harsh, toxic, consumable, disposable, and expensive cleaning chemicals. Do your budget a favor and buy a sustainable Sargent Steam Cleaner once and use it for decades.

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