(Good Things Utah) With the arrival of cooler weather, it’s a great time to make some adjustments around the house to help reduce your energy usage and save money. And this fall is the perfect time to get your furnace inspected by a certified heating contractor to help ensure it is operating safely and efficiently.

Other tips:

  • Check your furnace filter regularly and replace it if necessary.
  • Give your furnace some space. Your furnace performs best when it has room to breathe.
  • Don’t store any flammable materials near your furnace.
  • Install a smart thermostat. This will help out your furnace and your wallet.
  • Move furniture, drapes, and anything else obstructing air ducts
  • Add cold-air returns. Blocked vents mean poor airflow and excess stress on your furnace.

For more tips and ways to safely and efficiently manage your natural gas service this winter, visit DominionEnergy.com.

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