(Good Things Utah) Our favorite garden center here in Salt Lake City since 1955, Millcreek Gardens offers more than just gorgeous plants, flowers, and herbs — they also offer visitors the chance to raise butterflies!

In partnership with Riverbottom Butterflies, the brightly-colored nursery gets even brighter with their signature Butterfly Kits available for purchase at Millcreek Gardens or online.

These kits allow visitors to choose from a variety of local Utah butterfly species — helping them grow from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. Through the entire process, those raising butterflies have the opportunity to see the miracles of nature develop before their very eyes. Once they’re full-grown, in all their colorful glory, sit back and watch in awe as the newly formed butterflies take flight on their start to a beautiful life outdoors.

Looking to grow several butterflies with the family? Purchase their Painted Lady Butterfly Kit for an even better growing experience. This adorable kit includes:

  • 5 baby painted lady caterpillars in a cup
  • Enough food to last until adulthood
  • A reusable, 7-inch pop-up enclosure for releasing the adult butterflies
  • Butterfly coloring pages 
  • Instructions for care

Each pop-up enclosure can accommodate up to 5 cups of caterpillars (25 butterflies) with the entire growth process taking approximately 3 weeks from start to finish. These make a wonderful activity to do at home or school, teaching both children and adults about the exciting stages of metamorphosis!

To purchase these kits, go to RiverbottomButterflies.com or visit Millcreek Gardens at 3500 S 900 E in Salt Lake City.

For more information on this seasons most beautiful plants, go to www.MillcreekGardens.com.

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