SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is a once-a-year opportunity for millions of Americans to examine their current coverage options and make changes if needed. It takes place every year from October 15th to December 7th.

In selecting a plan, you should think about choice, care, and experience. If finding a health plan that goes that extra mile for you and your needs is important to you, then Optum may be an option to consider.

The three important things to keep in mind when considering your coverage options are choice, care, and experience.

CHOICE means just that: You have choices, you have options, and it’s often a good idea to explore what’s out there. CARE means making sure your medical needs can be filled by your chosen care plan. Finally, EXPERIENCE, which is what’s important to you, and what makes the most sense based on your situation.

At Optum, they offer members options like various providers and convenient care options including telephonic/virtual visits, as well as the Optum Mobile Clinic.

Optum makes a concerted effort to really know patients, understanding their needs and unique situations. They’re always ready to step in and offer that extra bit of care and effort that can sometimes make all the difference.

They always make a point to check in on patients, especially when they’re starting new treatments or are prescribed new medications. The team does follow-up visits as much as possible and whenever they’re needed.

They’ve helped patients who’ve recently started new medication courses to make sure they’re taking the correct dosages at the right time of day. At the same time, they make sure patients understand why their treatment course has changed, what potential side effects can be, and any options to make them feel as comfortable as possible

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