How to monitor your kid’s internet usage

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Do your kids ever spend too much time on their phone? Are you wondering what they’re able to see on their phone? Well, here’s a solution to help keep all those worries at bay. Ryan Jones, the director of XFinity Sales and Marketing, met with Nicea to discuss how to keep your family safe online. 

Jones talked about xFi, a service Comcast users can get for free with any internet package. xFi allows parents to monitor what their kids see online and how much time they’re spending on the web. xFi can be accessed through a mobile app, website, or an app on the Xfinity X1 TV Box.

xFi allows you to create profiles for each member of your family and see how much time they spend on the internet. You can set timers to have devices disconnect and reconnect at any hour of the day. This isn’t just for mobile, it can be used for laptop’s, Alexa and any internet devices. You can also keep a lock on the content. Using parental controls, you can prevent kids from accessing stuff you don’t want them to.

With the ability to turn off a family member’s device at any time, you can make dinner time family time. No more kids scrolling Instagram under the table while they’re eating. xFi can help you really make it a time to connect with each other. This tool is great to help your family not get stuck in the internet, and most importantly, to keep everyone safe online.

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