How to look younger and get your body back

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Dr. Kristen Kells, Chiropractic Physician, has started her own weight loss program for those who are having a difficult time losing weight. 

Dr. Kells has gone through her own journey of weight loss. At age 33 she weighed 200 pounds and got to the point where she decided to take back control of her life and body.

Everyone’s body is different and everyone loses and gains weight differently, but Dr. Kells stresses that her program is not centered around a diet fad or trend, but with the goal to change you body and life. She explained you have to be willing to make a life and health transformation.

In Dr. Kells’ weight loss program, she helps people to fix their compromised metabolisms, talk about weight loss resistance and the symptoms that cause it and your hormones. All these come into conjuction of not losing weight. 

With significant weight loss, excess skin is taken into consideration, with red light that helps with body shaping and collegen that targets large areas

Roxy Cross is a client and shared her journey with Dr. Kells and what she has over come on her transformation journey. Cross has lost weight, is on an eating plan, and feels an overall change!

If you are interested, call (385) 217- 6368 or visit

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