How to keep your dog calm when guests come to visit

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How do you answer the door when people come over with a new pet? What do you when they get too excited and want to jump on your guests? Ryan Gwilliams joined Good Things Utah today to show off some simple training techniques that will prevent your dog from jumping, pawing, and scratching your guests and door.

If your dog loses its mind when guests come over, you’re not alone. New people are a break in their normal routine. Your ultimate goal is to have your dog sit at the door while you answer it. Once your guest comes in, make sure your dog doesn’t jump or bark. Ideally, your dog should sit and stay until your guest comes in and relaxes.

Remember that the sit command means self-control, so spend some time practicing in different situations; especially at the front door. When your dog can hold the sit when your guests come into the house, praise them calmly and give them a pet, and reqard them with a training treat.

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