How to improve your running technique

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Walking and running in general are great modes of exercise. Lots of benefits of running – minimal costs, no equipment necessary, and can be done almost anywhere. Rebecca Bennion, TOSH Running Program Director explains the importance of running mechanics and how it can improve your running experience. 

Running is a skilled movement pattern. If we learn how to move correctly we become more efficient and decrease risk of injury. A lot of people have asked for more information on what good mechanics look like and how to develop such habits.

Keys to running with good mechanics is for people to develop good stride, learn how how to correct inefficiencies, and incorporate strength and stretching exercises that will compliment and accelerate the desired changes. Two huge benefits to proper running technique include improved running economy (less effort to cover the same amount of distance) and decreased injury risk.

TOSH Running Program coach Rebecca Bennion is an elite distance runner and has extensive experience assisting beginning, as well as elite runners, achieve their running aspirations.

Regardless of experience or age, the TOSH Running Program utilizes individualized training plans to optimize results for each running – setting realistic goals, enhancing your running mechanics, optimizing your training program, and improving your race day performances. Even those that are new to the sport can benefit from the one-on-one assistance at the TOSH Running Program.

Bennion says most runners neglect strength and flexibility work. People would rather be running, however, these cannot be neglected.

Exercises to try:

  • Hip Flexor stretch
  • Hip flexor strength series
  • Abduction/extension combo kick
  • Balance – star balance
  • Calf raisers

Services at the TOSH Running Program include:

  • Online Coaching
  • One-on-one Coaching Sessions
  • Team Training Clinics (on and off-site clinics available)
  • Supplemental Oxygen Training (simulates sea-level conditions to enhance training quality)
  • Anti-Gravity Treadmill Training (minimizes impact forces to safely manage return to training)
  • Running Clinics (free periodic community seminars – see the events tab above for dates, times and topics)

TOSH also offers Gait Evaluations and Exercise Physiology services as well as an on-site Sports Training Program and Sports Nutrition counseling to enhance your running experience.

Free TOSH Running Mechanics Seminar

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