We are visited today by Ashley Kerbs, Ambassador Animal Manager at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, and her two friends, an African Grey Parrot and a Crested gecko!

Endangered species day is coming up on Friday, May 17 and Ashley is here to help us know what we can do on our part to help save the animals. The aquarium will be celebrating all weekend long in partnership with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. 

Visit the Aquarium from May 17- 19 to see and learn more about the endangered species they have. Throughout the weekend they will have desert tortoises guests will be allowed to meet. The desert tortoises are an endangered animal, learn how to help protect them.

Guests will be able to enter into a contest to win a free endangered species-themed gift basket as well!  

Here are a few tips to help you be cautious and aware of animals around you:

  • Do not pick up or move wildlife or alter their habitat.
  • Call the DWR if there is an endangered species that needs help 
    • (801) 538-4832 or (801) 538-4743
  • Have a permit when hunting and fishing
  • Follow all laws and rules

Also visit the Aquarium on Saturday, May 11 for World Binturong Day and visit thelivingplanet.com for more information. 

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