How to get rid of under eye circles and festoons

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Dr. John McCann, MD, medical director of the Center For Facial Appearances performs facial plastic surgeries including facelifts, forehead lifts and cosmetic eyelid surgery. He also does non-invasive treatments like Botox and filler.
Dr. McCann shared a new non-invasive injection to treat a common problem called a festoon. This particular dark circle is due to the separation of fat in the face, and when most people talk about eyelid bags, this is what normally comes to mind.
He explained this dark circle is caused by a separation of fat in the face. It is then removed by moving the fat above the dark circle, to below it. Dr. McCann then shared details about the bulge, festoon, below the eyes. This bag is caused by water retained in a potential space over the cheek and patients with this problem will notice they are much worse upon awakening in the morning.
He uses a new technique typically used by lung doctors who treat patients who have collections of fluid in another potential space in the lungs. Pulmonary doctors inject Doxycycline in this space, and the doxycycline causes the area to scar shut. With no space, there is no more fluid collection and the patient can breathe again. Dr. McCann has begun injecting Doxycycline into the potential area where fluid collects and forms the festoon.

The medication stings for about 15 minutes and causes some swelling for a couple of weeks. It typically only needs to be done one time although in severe cases it may be repeated a second time. Sometimes this is done at the time of other facial surgery, for instance in patients who have the traditional dark circles as well as a festoon; we will do surgery to reposition the fat for the dark circle and inject doxycycline to reduce the festoon.

The cost to treat festoons alone is about one fifth that of lower eyelid cosmetic surgery. Before this there were no ways of treating festoons. Treating them with a one-time injection is very rewarding.

Dr. McCann and his wife, Rachel have been involved in raising money for the multiple sclerosis foundation for over a decade. The MS foundation recently had one of their annual events attended by over 600 called the Woman on the Move Event. To raise funds for MS, the MS Foundation sold coupons for Botox, Xeomin and filler injections, Dr. McCann did the injections and donated his professional services, so all proceeds benefited the MS foundation. If you are already familiar with Botox and Filler or interested in trying it out or looking for something nice to put in a loved one’s Easter basket, Dr. McCann says to contact his practice this week and join the fight against Multiple Sclerosis by getting Botox Xeomin or filler injections.

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