How to get inspired and change your life

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Do you know how to get those creative engines fired up?

If you want to change your life, inspiration is the key.  Inspiration is your minds way of leading you to your purpose. It starts off as a spark, it’s your job to turn it into a fire. You should see yourself as an explorer tracking your inspiration, follow where it leads you. Create as much inspiration around yourself as possible, try mindful decorating. Inspiration is nature, music, art, color, it’s everything… You are inspiration! 

Make Life an Occasion is all about self-discovery on different paths. Prior to the pandemic, Marie and her husband started mindful efficient living by just following their own inspiration and what felt good doing. Her husband was seeking knowledge about his mind and body on YouTube and created a musical playlist for every mood, which greatly influenced and changes their environment.

They got inspired to heal. Marie focused on her own body, addressing her chronic pain associated with FSHD Muscular Dystrophy and discovered the healing benefits of nature, and grounding. She brought nature inside with rainbows, plants and sunlight, and became a colorist.  She started decorating with purpose and created an inspired environment with mindful design. Once the Pandemic hit they understood quickly the importance of their new mindful living, it was the perfect time to have their minds right. Marie and her husband followed that inspiration and it led them to their purpose!

They created Makelifeanoccasion and turned their personal mantra into a business of inspiration, “Through inspiration, discover who you are and feel what brings you peace.”  Marie and her husband want to inspire you to start living a more mindful, creative, peaceful life.

Makelifeanoccasion! is focused on you, you are the brand. Their purpose is to show you there is Peace in Nature, and your Nature is Peace. They want you to feel nature, to be changed by inspiration, to celebrate self-love, to be grateful and learn to have the vision, to believe in you.

Got to Make Life an Occasion and use code ‘GTU’ for 20% off.

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