How to get healthy, dewy skin in Utah’s high altitude climate

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When skincare is customized to a climate, it truly gives outstanding results. Utah’s climate can be challenging. The extremely dry and thin air makes it incredibly difficult for your skin to keep hold of moisture. Thankfully, Pour Moi has developed a skincare product called Climate-Smart®. These anti-aging products are formulated specifically to work for the climate you’re in.

This amazing skincare product won’t allow your skin to dry out this winter. The Climate-Smart® skincare products will leave your skin feeling clean, smooth, and bright. It works to lighten problematic dark spots, prevents new wrinkles from forming, and eliminates the chances of small itchy dry patches popping up all over the place. In climates that are more humid, you’d usually be happy washing your face with whatever soap was nearby, then slapping on a random moisturizer. But in Utah, if you want beautiful long-lasting soft skin, you need to try Pour Moi Climate-Smart®.

If clear skin is a component of your health, overall happiness, and confidence, try giving your skin what it needs to stay healthy in any climate. Over 80% of the signs of aging originates from the climate you live in. In Utah, it’s the high altitude desert climate— but now you can do something about it!

Rarely do you think of skincare & inventions together, but this duo is groundbreaking. A full-size Climate-Smart® Mountain Day Cream specifically formulated for high altitude and our super smart drenching Serum.

Go to Pour Moi right now and get their Innovative Inventors Duo: Mountain for 30% OFF for a limited time.

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