(Good Things Utah) Do you feel like your world is closing in around you? Maybe you have a sense of hopelessness given your current situation? This state of mind is what Heather Frazier Coaching calls a ‘doom and gloom’ spiral — when life’s challenges seem almost insurmountable to us, causing our minds to panic. In this week’s edition of Mindful Monday, Heather takes us through how she helps her clients in times like this.

“…and that’s okay.” These wise words are often used by Heather Frazier to shift her clients’ narratives and help to empower them in their life struggles. It’s her preferred stance for more easily accessible creativity, peace, motivation, and love — all great attributes when things need to change. This statement is a great self-response when faced with stressful situations or thoughts like: “My kid isn’t going to ______, their life is doomed.”

Nothing ever goes like we planned. Whether it’s our relationships, our vacation, our day, our night of sleep — we never really know…

Heather Frazier

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