How to combat tired mom eyes

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Alfie, Beth and Jenny of Utah Facial Plastics discuss some great, quick in-office treatments that can really make you look and feel a less tired and combat that “tired mommy eye” syndrome. 

Much of the concern is around the eyes, such as hollowing of the lower lids, with or without some puffiness or bags and loose skin. With age and sometimes just genetics, a lower brow or frown lines between the brows can make someone look tired as well as crow’s feet around the eyes. Luckily, there are a lot of great non-surgical treatments that can make a huge difference and really refresh one’s appearance.

So much can even be done with Botox, and often times, not a lot of it. They know Botox can smooth the lines between the brows and in the forehead but it can also provide what they refer to as a “non-surgical browlift” when just the right amount is injected to certain areas that cause the muscle to lift. Adding just a small amount of Botox to the under-eyes can help smooth wrinkles and of course, smooth out those crow’s feet lines.

Filler for under-eye hollowing or the tear troughs is very popular and works well to smooth the conjunction between the under-eye and cheek. First, they numb the under eye area and then using a cannula to minimize bruising and swelling, inject hyaluronic acid filler, typically Restylane or Volbella, up into the hollow are to instantly fill it in. There is typically a few days of swelling and a chance of bruising but patients are very happy with the results.

There’s a handful great office procedures that can tighten that loose skin and often times a combination a few of them makes the most difference. Skin resurfacing with microneedling, a deep chemical peel or a CO2 laser just under the eyes creates a level of trauma to that induces the body’s natural repair response. That’s when collagen production kicks in and continues to improve for 3-6 months following treatment. Often times, if there’s enough loose skin but no extra fat under the eyes that needs to be removed, a skin pinch can be done in-office to just trim away that excess skin. Recovery is quick and easy.

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