How to boost your loved one’s morale during the pandemic

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Mindy Hill, President Covington Senior Living, and Secretary of Utah Assisted Living Association joined Good Things Utah to talk about the effects of COVID-19 on the wonderful seniors in our community.

During the pandemic, senior living and assisted living communities like Covington Senior Living have taken extra precautions to protect the most vulnerable residents against COVID-19. They are continuing to care in extraordinary ways and skilled nursing communities are raising the bar for casual family visits as well. Seeing as it’s National Assisted Living Week, Covington Senior Living wanted to share ways that they have helped boost the morale of their residents as well as give you some ideas of how you can help the loved ones in your own family.

Extra efforts have been made to schedule FaceTime calls with family members. They have started a unique pen pal program in conjunction with gerontology students at BYU as well as a few local high schools to encourage dialogue between the two generations. Each group of people, seniors, and students alike have struggled with the pandemic in their own way. By facilitating open and honest conversation it has provided a much-needed outlet for individual struggles and stressors. A total win-win!

The theme of the week is, “caring is essential.” It aims to celebrate the uniqueness of the senior care industry, the professionals within it, and the people all around who go out of their way to make the seniors in our community feel cared for and supported. The people working in this profession can’t work from home. You want to thank them for their care, and your loved one also might want to get in on the act.

Going forward, try to make sure the seniors in your life are cared about, especially during the pandemic. A simple FaceTime call, ordering them their favorite food, getting them to play a game with you over a connected device, or simply calling them to tell them you are thinking about them can go a really long way in boosting their morale.

If you have a loved one that you are worried about or are struggling with ways to better support them through this time, the Utah Assisted Living Association provides support to senior living and assisted living providers as well as family members throughout the pandemic.

To learn more about this amazing senior living community, visit Covington Senior Living now.

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