(Good Things Utah) – Addiction Recovery Services at Huntsman Mental Health Institute offers various treatment programs and family support resources to help patients start their journey to recovery.

Substance use disorders can affect many aspects of a person’s life. With this in mind, our addiction medicine and recovery experts aim to treat the individual as a whole. By providing behavioral therapies, medication management (when appropriate), experiential therapies, family therapy, and aftercare support we can help participants gain skills to handle and balance family, community, and work-life situations, and to help prevent relapse.

Signs a person should seek treatment for drug/alcohol abuse:

  • You have physical or mental health issues that stem from your drug use
  • You rely on drugs to get you through events or even the day
  • Your relationships with friends and/or family have become strained
  • You’ve lost interest in your interests or hobbies
  • You’re struggling to stay afloat in school or at work
  • You’re unsuccessful in attempting to quit using drugs on your own
  • Friends and family have expressed their concern over your drug use
  • You’re struggling financially due to your drug use/purchasing

About Recovery Services

Recovery Services at HMHI offers three treatment programs:

  1. Inpatient Detox
  2. Recovery Clinic
  3. Recovery Works (Outpatient program)

Experienced addiction recovery specialists treat patients as a whole and are able to help prevent relapse.

Family members and friends can support a loved one going through recovery. The University of Utah Health can help strategize on how to best provide support while empowering the patient to take that first step. Family resources. Please visit uofuhealth.org/addictionrecovery or call 801-583-2500 for more information.

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