(Good Things Utah) The theme of this year’s Utah State Fair is centered around all things agriculture. And here in Utah, one of the biggest aspects of our agriculture is animal life.

Since 1902, the Fair has been hosted at the Utah State Fairpark & Event Center — a vast 65-acre venue that’s seen everything from small gatherings such as company parties, weddings, and corporate meetings to large events such as festivals, major concerts, rodeos, skateboard world championships and, not to forget, the annual Utah State Fair.

Of the many attractions at the Fair this year, The Utah Farm Bureau’s Barnyard Friends area is giving guests both young and old an exciting peek into the daily life of barnyard animals including baby lambs, calves, piglets, and more.

Here at Good Things Utah, we were lucky enough to meet several of the amazing featured animals at the Fair. One of the most memorable animals we met was an affable baby goat who’s currently without a name. This female Nigerian Dwarf will be there to greet Fair-goers and help to answer questions about life as a goat.

Another awe-inspiring animal finding itself at the Utah State Fair this year is the frog. For over 27 years, Little Ray’s Nature Centre has provided hands-on wildlife education to learners around the world.

And now for the 3rd year at the Fair, they’re hosting multiple shows each day to demonstrate Frogs & Friends — highlighting amphibians from around the world, like the frog, and the species they most commonly encounter in the wild.

Visitors will have the chance to see these amphibians first-hand and ask questions. One of the features this year, Miss P, is considered to be the most poisonous toad on the planet — secreting toxins from its pores when it feels threatened. The female species can also grow as large as 6lbs.

To learn more about the other Barnyard Friends, click the link here.

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