How to affordably manage your diabetes

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Michael Hennessy, CEO of Diathrive, joined us to explain what they are doing to help those with diabetes. Diathrive offers people with diabetes a better way to manage their health by working directly with the patients and cutting out the health insurance companies. 

Michael stated that health insurance companies are in the business to make money. They work directly with medical device manufacturers to set high prices that benefit both parties through rebate programs, but hurt people who need the devices to maintain their health and quality of life. 

Sadly, many people with chronic diseases are forced to cut corners on their health care because of the rising costs. For those who suffer with diabetes, this means not being able to test their blood sugar as often as they should or sometimes, not at all. 

Diathrive is starting a health care revolution by working with people directly on a cash pay basis to deliver the testing supplies they need directly to their door at affordable prices. Many of the patients Diathrive works with have insurance, but they find it more affordable to get their testing supplies with Diathrive than if they paid through their insurance. 

For instance, people who test their blood sugar once per day can get all of their testing supplies for $8 per month with Diathrive, which is a major saving in comparison to the $20- $25 or higher a month copay they’d pay with through their insurance. 

Michael is giving Good Things Utah viewers a special offer. To receive your first month of supplies for free, simply use the code ‘GoodThings’ at checkout. 

If you want to get started with Diathrive, all you need to do is go to their website and select how many times per day you test your blood sugar. You may also call them at (866) 878-7477.

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