How those hard of hearing can regain their independence

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Relay Utah is a state program that was created to help provide the hard of hearing, and deaf, in our state with hearing assistive phones and technology for cell phones to help them communicate and regain their independence.

Amplified phones, captioning “CapTel” phones, neckloops and other technologies for cell phones are offered.

Utah is home to more than 290,000 individuals that are hard of hearing or deaf. That’s about 1 in 10 people who have some level of hearing loss. One thing we don’t think about with hearing loss is the isolation from friends, family and loss of independence of calling to make a dinner reservation, doctor appointment or order a pizza. Relay Utah provides hearing assistive phones to help the hard of hearing communicate and regain this independence and connection.

Relay Utah offers many different types of phones because there are many types of hearing loss:

  • Amplified phones are some of our most popular. They adjust the volume with amplification and have tone control that allows you to adjust how the caller’s tone of voice sounds. Example a Female vs. a Male. You can easily adjust the high tones and low tones making it easier to understand the caller. It also has a flasher so you can see and hear the phone ring, it offers a loud and clear speakerphone, large high contrast keypad that is easy to see and press.
  • “CapTel” is a captioning phone that includes both an amplified headset and an adjustable text display screen that lets the user listen while reading a captioned version of what’s said to them in their conversations.
  • Cell phone amplifiers work much like the amplified phones but are designed to connect with your cell phone through Bluetooth. This means you have the help of an amplified phone at home or on the go.

    The demo center is open by appointment Monday-Friday. Located at 168 N. 1950 W. Ste. 103 in Salt Lake City, call 801-715-3470 to schedule your appointment.

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