SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — With the ongoing war in Ukraine, there are still many whose lives have been turned upside down in every way possible. And as this conflict continues to hit home for Ukrainians, much is needed to ensure their health and safety.

One of the most hands-on organizations lending aid to citizens in need, the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation, goes on-site to deliver life-saving medical supplies, trauma kits, and other aid to refugees in besieged cities.

This organization works closely with Ukrainian communities, launching new and creative ways to lend a hand during these hard times. For this winter season, the partnerships have commissioned 480 wood stoves to those without electricity — following recent waves of Russian air strikes on vital infrastructure in the region.

As part of their mission, Krohn Breakthrough Foundation teams also help by extracting elderly Ukrainians near the front lines. Overall, the teams have managed to extract over 600 of these elderly refugees.

According to Luis Vega, Executive Director of Krohn Breakthrough Foundation: “It is very high risk… But the reward? If you think the risk and the price of that is high, wait till you get the bill for regret…

With two trips made this year, they plan to return in 2023 to conduct more humanitarian aid supply runs and more extraction operations.

To learn more, donate to the cause, and join the mission to save lives, go online to Follow along with them on social media at @krohnbreakthrough.

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