(Good Things Utah) Of all the areas of our body that are affected by age, perhaps the most noticeable is the skin. Over time, as the skin begins to lose its elasticity, many women have reported having their sexual health affected as well. In all, it can cause a decrease in sexual desire, bladder incontinence, and discomfort during intimacy.

Helping women to overcome this challenge, FormaV is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure by Rising Health Specialty Clinic that is making a world of difference. Both safe and non-invasive, FormaV works to rejuvenate by tightening the pelvic floor and stimulating collagen production.

Using radiofrequency energy, the procedure heats deeper layers of the skin to provide effective and pain-free results. Approved by the FDA, this medical technology is a game-changer for patients everywhere — requiring only approximately 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart. Patients report seeing immediate results with no downtime involved.

FormaV works great for women experiencing the effects of childbirth, aging, and other genetic predispositions.

According to Carrie Welter, Family Nurse Practitioner with Rising Health: “Anyone who has a little bit of urine leakage when they laugh, cough, jump, or sneeze would be a great candidate for this treatment…”

To learn more and see if this procedure is right for you, go online to RisingHealthSpecialty.com/FormaV. You can also call them at (801) 419-0705 or text them at (801) 893-9083.

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