(Good Things Utah) Buying or selling a property is one of the biggest decisions an individual will make in life. While this is an exciting time, it can be equally stressful to make sure all options have been explored. More than that, balancing everyday life during this process can be hugely time-consuming and often straining.

Launched this year with a mission to simplify the industry, Bureau Real Estate has transformed the process with a new digital platform. Designed to improve client care, the platform works to streamline, simplify, and optimize every step of buying or selling a home.

According to Shane Herbert, co-founder and CEO: “We’re taking all the mundane tasks that are weighing us down, and we’ve put that in the hands of our in-house team experts to do all of those tasks better and more efficiently for the agent, so they can service the client…”

Bureau Real Estate uses state-of-the-art resources to automate tedious tasks like email and text communications. Its certified team of experts goes above and beyond to offer great service including inspections, repairs, and even marketing materials.

This new platform gives clients the on-demand results they’re looking for, all in one easily navigated place. And with an entire suite of services available to these clients, Bureau Real Estate ensures a smooth listing-to-contract experience.

To learn more, go online to BureauRealEstate.com or follow along on social media at @BureauRealEstate.

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