(Good Things Utah) To highlight amazing women from around the world, your go-to brand for holistic wellness, doTERRA, is putting the spotlight on a collection of female role models that have had great success in their fields.

Of these inspirational women featured by doTERRA this year, we were thrilled to introduce Maren Topham, a Nurse Practitioner with Prime Meridian Healthcare.

From the very beginning, Maren was moving. Whether it was dancing around the house to exercising with Jane Fonda tapes, she quickly grew a deep love and appreciation for the human body.

Now, working with Prime Meridian Healthcare, her dreams have come true — working with patients in need to help them reduce the need for prescription drugs, reverse chronic disease, and improve their overall quality of life.

The clinic focuses on advanced preventative care for the whole family — evaluating each patient carefully to decide on a custom care plan. It does more than a quick fix, too, as patients walk away with the tools and knowledge to sustain a healthy life.

Further acute care like standard physicals, prescription refilling, x-rays, minor procedures, and more are all available here — giving the community a trusted source when they need it most.

Prime Meridian Healthcare focuses on the ‘Core Four’ principles — Exercise, Nutrition, Relationships, and Living.

To learn more, go online to pmhclinics.com or give them a call at (385) 440-1400.

For more inspirational stories and to browse products, visit doterra.com.

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