(Good Things Utah) Exercise isn’t always easy and finding motivation every day can certainly be challenging. Even worse, rigorous workout routines could still produce no results for those needing to lose weight — leading to frustration and an overall sedentary mindset. With this, what’s a person to do to regain their physical health?

After being an expert in thyroid and metabolism for over 30 years, Dr. Denis Wilson created Fastercise — an entirely new approach to fitness that’s helping patients around the nation to shed pounds simply and effectively. This fitness program utilizes shivering to burn calories, giving gym-goers a new set of engaging ways to lose weight and keep it off. More than that, this program requires absolutely no equipment.

Dr. Denis Wilson – Creator

“You don’t have to be cold to shiver,” states Dr. Wilson, the program’s creator. “A shivering muscle burns two to three times more calories than a statically comparative muscle. You can think of it like as a ladder. If you’re just standing on the ladder, you’re not burning very many calories. But if you’re going up and down the ladder… it burns a lot of calories.”

Following the birth of her new baby, Allison Roberts needed a routine to prepare for a bodybuilding competition just eight months later. She began a daily routine of Fastercise — which takes only a few minutes per day — and lost 45 pounds by competition time. Allison took the stage looking leaner and feeling more energy than ever before.

According to Allison: “Anybody can do this no matter what your busy schedule is or if you have health limitations. I did this in the office when I was working full-time — just in my business casual clothes.”

Allison Roberts’ results

Together, Dr. Wilson and Allison decided to share Fastercise with the world — establishing a mobile fitness platform. This app helps users to set fitness goals, build a daily routine, learn exercises, and get support during their journey. Download the Fastercise app today and get shivering!

For more information, go to Fastercise.com or follow along on social media at @Fastercise.

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