(Good Things Utah) You can easily recognize a Community Advocate for their amazing contributions to the world around them. No problem is too large, and no person is left out in their mission.

To highlight these special individuals, The Advocates Injury Attorneys (a.k.a. Utah Advocates) have taken the time to put the spotlight on their extraordinarily good deeds throughout the year. In their latest feature, an inspirational woman named Lynda Brown is being recognized for her organization called Kids Read Salt Lake Valley.

Seeing a need for access to reading materials in Title One school areas, she’s managed to install neighborhood libraries for easier and safer access. The mission is to expose a new generation to books and help them find a love for reading and learning.

Lynda remarked: “They are our community. They’re going to be those people doing business and, if they’re not educated, we keep perpetuating a problem. We are the problem…”

Kids Read Salt Lake Valley has a goal to install 106 neighborhood libraries, with 20 already in the ground.

To learn more, go online to KidsReadSaltLake.com.

For recommendations on the next Community Advocate, go online to UtahAdvocates.com.

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