(Good Things Utah) Many sufferers of sleep apnea tend to snore loudly, wake up gasping, feel dry throat in the morning, and get frequent headaches. The overnight grinding of teeth often contributes to this sleep apnea among other symptoms like migraines and TMJ pain.

A big factor affecting this type of head and jaw pain has to do with the misalignment of the spine. When the Cranio-cervical Junction at the top of the spinal column experiences pressure or stress, airways are effectively cut off, blood flow is disturbed, and our bodies struggle to function. Traditional treatment has involved an inconvenient CPAP machine at night. Though, with advances in modern medical technology, there are more effective ways to resolve conditions like sleep apnea and migraines.

The Lift Clinic based in Salt Lake City specializes in a non-surgical and non-invasive correction of this spinal misalignment. It utilizes a cutting-edge procedure called T.A.P. (Transdermal Atlas Positioning) to effortlessly re-align the spinal columns and restore proper function to the central nervous system.

The T.A.P. technology uses state-of-the-art imaging to locate areas of concern and correct them for improved health.

Dr. Chapman combines his 30 years of experience in the field with this breakthrough technology to offer a lasting solution. Patients of The Lift Clinic are thoroughly assessed beforehand and will often report feeling results just a few minutes after the procedure.

Call them today at (801) 877-1199 to schedule a FREE assessment (including images) or visit them online at TheLiftClinic.com.

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