(Good Things Utah) Some people are living proof that humans can accomplish amazing things and overcome unbelievable challenges. As part of its year-long ‘Evolve Together’ celebration of amazing women from around the world, doTERRA is highlighting a truly inspirational woman who has pushed past her setbacks to become the person she is today.

After over 20 years of battling her chronic pain and illness, Ashleigh Di Lello started the journey to heal her body from the inside out. According to her doctors, she wouldn’t live past her teenage years.

Through her study of neuroscience, she was able to conquer her life-threatening illness to become an elite athlete, TV & Broadway star, entrepreneur, and speaker.

“The missing component in our healing journeys is the brain. Because the brain is the center of everything in our body,” remarks Ashleigh Di Lello. “In order to heal physically, mentally, or emotionally, we have to address the brain and the nervous system…”

Now, Ashleigh works with clients to succeed despite their own physical or mental limitations. She established her process called Bio Emotional Healing, where she helps them rewire their nervous system.

With the use of her FREE Mind-Body Blueprint, clients are empowered to calm their bodies and emotions and take control of their thoughts.

To learn more about Bio Emotional Healing, go online to AshleighDiLello.com. Follow along with her on social media at @AshleighDiLello.

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For more information, go online to heal.doterra.com.

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